René Van Someren


Room: MF-C569

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I graduated from university in business management and public management, specialising in implementation and change management. After having studied parts of commercial law and corporate law, I graduated in financial law at the Erasmus School of Law. I combined my interest in psychology, sociology and organisations in interdisciplinary research on organisational behaviour and organisation development awarded with a PhD from Tilburg University. Having started my career as a self-employed Information Technology professional, I soon engaged in management, research and consulting with regard to social and organisational issues.

Even though I am well grounded theoretically, I am also still a practitioner. My extensive experience as entrepreneur, manager, researcher and consultant in the public and private sector, led me to know and understand how things work in real life.

My sideline as teacher and other education related activities are very important to me.

Research Interests

My research interests are diverse and many. Currently, research quality and relevance receive more of my attention than specific topics do. Since I am also working on a long-term project to map the DNA of organisational behaviour, all research within that domain, meeting scientific standards, has my profound interest.

Selected publications

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