PhD Student

Rose Nasrawi

PhD Student



I am working on the ERC starting grant project ‘MEMTICIPATION’ under the supervision of Dr. Freek van Ede. The main aim of the project is to investigate how sensory information in working memory is prepared for action, stemming from the idea that working memory is inherently future-oriented.


I obtained both my BSc in Psychology, and my MSc in Brain & Cognitive Sciences at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). For my research masters I completed two projects. Within the IMCN Research Unit led by Prof. Birte Forstmann, I performed an EEG-project under supervision of Dr. Bernadette van Wijk. For this project I studied changes in effective connectivity during evidence accumulation in perceptual decision-making. After that, I aimed to broaden my scientific horizon and performed my second research project within the Addiction Research Group at the Amsterdam University Medical Centres (UMC). Under supervision of principal investigator Dr. Ruth van Holst, I studied the fronto-striatal fMRI correlates of metacognition in patients with a gambling disorder.

Research interest

My main research interests include visual perception, working memory and electrophysiology. Moreover, I strongly believe in the importance of studying cognitive functions out of isolation. At the moment, I am investigating whether multiple visual representations in working memory can be maintained in parallel with multiple vision-guided action plans; and to what extent visual working memories are sculpted by their anticipated use.