Rutger Kappe


E-mail: f.r.kappe@vu.nl
Phone: +31 (0) 648277354
Room: MF-B560


Dr. F. Rutger Kappe (August 14, 1971) studied Industrial & Organizational Psychology at VU University Amsterdam (VU). After graduation he worked at a Dutch research and development center (NOA) which specializes in developing culturally unbiased psychological tests and assessments for business and education. He continued as an assessment psychologist and quality manager assessment at LTP, a large, renowned HRM consultant firm in the Netherlands. At Inholland University of Applied Sciences he started both as an educational advisor and lecturer. Since 2004 he is fulltime employed at Inholland; at the central staff department his function expanded. Besides acting as an advisor he also is a researcher and trainer. As assistant professor at Inholland he leads a group of researchers. He also is head of the Dutch G5 research group in which six major Universities of Applied Sciences participate in joint study success research. In 2006 he started  his PhD research in part-time at VU University Amsterdam which he completed in 2011, at which he is still employed for one day per week.

Research interests

Rutger’s research focuses on individual differences in student performance higher professional education and work performance. He studied the effect of intelligence, motivation, personality, fear of failure and learning style on several performance criteria like retention, study progress and grade point average. As assistant professor in the field of Psychology and Education at Inholland he leads two research groups that investigate several theme’s in the field of study success e.g. enrollment, selection, transition to higher education, first year drop-out, retention, graduation, diversity, student well-being. He is regularly invited to lecture on his study success research.


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