PhD student

Sofia Schlamp

PhD student

Room: MF-B560


In March 2017 Sofia Schlamp began her external PhD under the supervision of Richard Ronay, Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock and Mark van Vugt. Her research is to investigate how the hierarchical structure of organizations is an obstacle for women to reach leadership positions.


Sofia is originally from Argentina. She has lived in Brazil for several years until she moved to Germany to pursue her BA in Social and Cognitive Psychology at Jacobs University Bremen. After finishing her Bachelors, Sofia moved to The Netherlands to obtain her MSc in Organizational Psychology from Erasmus Rotterdam University. Alongside her studies, Sofia continued working in several research projects and publishing papers in the area of ethical leadership, management of generational diversity, gender diversity, and team dynamics.

Currently, alongside the PhD, Sofia works in Shell in the HR Talent department.