PhD Student

Tingting Ji

PhD Student

Phone: +31 (0) 20 598 3003
Room: MF-C576


I am currently working on a PhD project “Inter and intragroup perception in response to threat” with my supervisors Dr. Joshua Tybur and Prof. dr. Mark van Vugt. This PhD project is financially supported by China Scholarship Council (CSC) and VU University Amsterdam.


2014 – Current

2011 – 2014   M.Ed., Applied Psychology, Southwest University, China

2007 – 2011   B.S., Applied Psychology, Hefei  University, China

Research interests

I am interested in explaining intergroup relationship in an evolutionary perspective.  There were distinct threats that our ancestors faced from outgroups: aggression, contagious disease and resource threat. I am going to investigate how perception of this threats affects attitudes towards in-group and out-group members differently.


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Recent publications

T Ji, JM Tybur & M van Vugt (2019) Generalized or Origin-Specific Out-Group Prejudice?: The Role of Temporary and Chronic Pathogen-Avoidance Motivation in Intergroup Relations. Evolutionary Psychology 17 (1), 1474704919826851
Y Ding, J Wu, T Ji, X Chen & PAM Van Lange (2017) The rich are easily offended by unfairness: Wealth triggers spiteful rejection of unfair offers. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 71, 138-144
JM Tybur, Y Inbar, L Aarøe, P Barclay, FK Barlow, M De Barra, DV Becker & ... (2016) Parasite stress and pathogen avoidance relate to distinct dimensions of political ideology across 30 nations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (44), 12408-12413
Y Ding, TT Ji & X Chen (2016) The way evaluation tastes: Tasting as an embodied cue of evaluation. Current Psychology 35 (3), 309-315
丁毅, 纪婷婷, 陈旭 (2015) 社会两难情境下的合作选择: 自我利益和集体利益间的权衡. 心理学探新 35 (2), 158-163
D Yi, TT Ji, C Xu & G Hitchman (2014) Fear of rejection or concern for fairness: the proposer's offering behavior in the ultimatum game. Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal 42 (3), 401-406
TT Ji, Y Ding, H Deng, M Jing & Q Jiang (2013) Does "spicy girl" have a peppery temper? the metaphorical link between spicy tastes and anger. Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal 41 (8), 1379-1385
Y DING, T JI, W ZOU, Y LIU, G RAN & X CHEN (2013) The metaphorical mapping of social affection on temperature: Action mechanisms and its explanation. Advances in Psychological Science 21 (6), 1133-1140
丁毅, 纪婷婷, 邹文谦, 刘燕, 冉光明, 陈旭 (2013) 物理温度向社会情感的隐喻映射: 作用机制及其解释. 心理科学进展 21 (6), 1133-1140
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纪婷婷, 邓欢, 马静, 江琦 (2012) 流动儿童的角色认同及其与自尊的关系. 贵州师范大学学报 (自然科学版), 10
邓欢, 马静, 纪婷婷, 江琦 (2012) 流动儿童社会支持与歧视知觉关系: 角色认同的调节作用. 内蒙古师范大学学报: 教育科学版, 39-42
马静, 邓欢, 纪婷婷, 江琦 (2012) 流动儿童学校适应特点及其与成就动机, 自尊的相关研究. 河南教育学院学报: 自然科学版 21 (001), 48-52

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