PhD Student

Xiaotian Sheng

PhD Student

Room: MF-B555


Before starting my PhD-project, I completed both a bachelor (2012-2016) and a research master (2016-2019) in Psychology at the Beijing Normal University during which I worked on research into dyslexia and the relations between sleep and work.


My PhD project is under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mark van Vugt. I focus on endocrine, psychological and behavioral effects of power inequality and sex ratio on leader-follower relations. Based on evolutionary leadership theory, this project aims to investigate the behavioral and hormonal effects of power inequality and sex ratio variation in groups on leadership, making use of innovating methods and paradigms.


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Recent publications

W Hong, RD Liu, Y Ding, X Fu, R Zhen & X Sheng (2021) Social media exposure and college students' mental health during the outbreak of CoViD-19: the mediating role of rumination and the moderating role of mindfulness. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking 24 (4), 282-287
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