PhD Student

Yavor Ivanov

PhD Student



I’m working on the ERC advanced grant project “What to expect when you are not expecting it: How implicit regularities drive attentional selection” supervised by prof. dr. Jan Theeuwes.


I studied Psychology (Bsc) and Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (Research Msc) in Groningen, The Netherlands. During the Bachelors I quickly found an interest in experimental psychology and neuroscience, and kept busy with producing a psychology-related podcast. Later, I worked as a RA for dr. Sebastiaan Mathot, with whom I also completed my two Master theses. During this time, I got a lot of experience in eye-tracking and pupillometry, and discovered an aptitude for programming. My first Master thesis investigated whether the act of shifting attention between central and peripheral vision is correlated with fluctuations in pupil size. The second thesis took me to Marseille, France where I worked with prof. dr. Jonathan Grainger and dr. Joshua Snell. Together we investigated the relationship between stimulus-evoked EEG potentials and pupil size, in order to better understand whether mental imagery is involved in language processing.

Research Interest

I am currently studying individual differences in statistical learning, specifically in the ability to suppress visual input at locations likely to contain distractions. I am trying to establish whether this type of learning is a stable individual trait, and whether it correlates with other psychological constructs.