PhD Student

ZhenZhen Xu

PhD Student



I am working on a project about how concurrent implicit temporal and spatial regularities drive visual attentional selection under the supervision of Prof. Jan Theeuwes and Assistant Prof. Sander Los.


My journey of psychological research started from China. At the very beginning, I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology at Chongqing Normal University. After that, I became interested in cognitive neuroscience, so I studied for a Master of Education in Basic Psychology at Southwest University. During my research master, I completed a research project regarding the mechanism of how reward modulates selective attention. Besides, I worked together with Dr. Na Hu and we explored the influence of acute stress on error processing. After I got my master's degree, I came here to pursue a PhD in cognitive psychology supported by the China Scholarship Council.

Research interest

My current research interest focused on the influence of statistical learning on visual attentional search. More specifically, I am interested in investigating whether temporal and spatial regularities operate independently on attentional selection or there exists an interactive effects of these two kinds of regularities.