VIDI grant for Francesca Righetti

Francesca Righetti (Social Psychology) was awarded a VIDI-grant by N.W.O. for a proposal titled “Torn between love and contempt: Ambivalence in close relationships” See below for more details of the project.

It is an irony of life that the people we love the most, such as our romantic partners, are also the people towards which we can feel very strong negative emotions. When people hold strong mixed feelings (positive and negative) towards their partner, they are in a state called ‘Ambivalence’. However, while the experience of ambivalence in romantic relationships is pretty frequent, research on this phenomenon is extremely scarce. The Ambivalence in Romantic Relationship takes the challenge to develop a systematic study of the effects of ambivalence in romantic relationship.

Specifically, with the use of different methodologies, the current project will: 1) examine the different types of ambivalence that individuals can experience in their relationship to understand how each type of ambivalence affect the relationship dynamics between partners and people’s well-being; 2) examine how each type of ambivalence unfolds over time and under which conditions they are a precursor of relationship instability and dissolution; 3) test an intervention to reduce the aversive intra and interpersonal effects of the most malignant form of ambivalence